GCN Canada Inc.

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Executive Vice President

Ken Clayton, Executive Vice-President

Ken Clayton began his career, at age seventeen, as the youngest syndicated columnist in Canada and has, during his career, written more than 400 teleplays, most of which have been produced for corporate and educational video distribution. He continued the development of his skills in the early sixties as a regular member of Canada’s National Film Board. Ken Clayton became advertising administrator for RCA Canada in 1966, working with 4 divisions, “Marine, Broadcast, Microwave and Space Systems”. In 1966, he joined the advertising and marketing department of Bank of Montreal, as adverising manager and in 1969, produced Spectrafonia, the world’s largest light and sound show.In 1979, he became senior producer for Sun Life’s PR & Communications divisions. As well, Ken Clayton organized and staged increasingly spectacular audio visual presentations for very large conventions, working closely with marketing specialists in the retail end of the business. Ken is a graduate technologist with a broad understanding of science and physics that enables him to appreciate the intricacies of the industry’s technology.

In 2006, Ken Clayton joined H.E. Robert M. Sabga to found GCN Canada, Inc., and is currently Executive Vice President of that Company.