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In the beginning...
Written by Rudy Sabga, Regional Manager (North America)   
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 00:00

When I joined this project, I had no idea what lay ahead. Even as I sat on the airplane between Montreal and Paris, en route to Douala, reading the project brief, it seemed impossible. No one had done anything of this scale, anywhere, and we were on our way to meet with a land owner in Cameroon to negotiate the beginnings of the impossible. Today, years later, we are beyond negotiations, investments, and dreaming; we are at last ready to begin doing the impossible.

With this new website, it is our hope that the particulars of the Emerald Coast Free Trade Zone Project are illuminated for everyone. In the interest of furthering that clarity, we have established this blog. It will be regularly updated with entries from members of the project team, covering such topics as the project's progress and the history that has led us to this point. By the time it is completed, I hope to be able to welcome you as I do now, not to this virtual space, but to a realized dream that will accelerate a country's development and provide crucial business and recreational services for select, esteemed clientele.

Until that time, consider this your portal to that world. Welcome to the Emerald Coast!