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Water Filtration and Bottling Facility

In addition to the significant quarry opportunities on the project site, there are also three deep volcanic springs on the property that will be exploited to create high-quality bottled spring water.
Based on a population of 10,000,000 people (the actual population is in excess of 16,000,000), local supermarkets expect to sell 2,500 6-packs of bottled water (1000 x 500ml + 1500 x 1.5 L) per market area x 10 market areas= 25,000 6-packs/month. Expanding the market area to Nigeria (to the north) will multiply this marketplace by a further factor of 10.  This will be directed at the general population for day-to-day consumption.
We also plan to market a Premium bottled water brand for restaurants and hotels, plus the lucrative bulk water sales to hotels and to aviation companies and offshore rigs, ships etc.
The water filtration plant will consist of:

1) RO1000I(3000L/H) main filtration and ozonation system
2) GCP-12 Water bottling machine
3) FXZ-1 Cap sealing machine
4) Transfer system SS-1
5) On line label shrinking machine
6) Semi automatic bottle unscrambler
7) Ink jet printer
8 ) Shrinkable film packing machine
9) QSS-12 Bottle washing machine