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The Emerald Coast Tourism and Financial Free Zone Project

The 311 hectare site of the Emerald Coast Free Zone Project is located on the coast some 20 km northwest of the port city of Limbe. The 1.7 kilometers of pristine black-sand beach on the Project acreage is currently an operating oil palm plantation backed by pristine rain forest and, further inland, a massive basalt rock outcrop which will become a quarry – for which there is a license – with an estimated 5 million metric tons of high grade aggregate, black glass, and large-scale rock and sand. There are also three natural fresh-water springs cascading down the hills which will feed cachement reservoirs for filtration and bottling, as well as to drive gravity-fed hydro turbines for non-polluting hydroelectricity.

Rich in the materials needed for such a project, the Emerald Coast Project is poised to be transformed into the most luxurious and exclusive free zone in the world. With its own import/export, immigration and customs control center, berthing facilities, and VIP airport receiving center, the Emerald Coast will feature:

  1. fractional ownership condos
  2. major international banks
  3. ultra-secure underground vaults built into the mountain
  4. business office buildings
  5. resort hotels
  6. entertainment complexes
  7. a world-class golf course
  8. multi-million dollar homes
  9. elegant apartment buildings
  10. a world-class medical center
  11. restaurants featuring international chefs
  12. a private marina for small to very large yachts
  13. it's own arrivals/departure lounge at the Douala International Airport
  14. a private helicopter service between Emerald Coast and Douala Airport
  15. its own power sub-station and secondary generation plant
  16. primary and secondary water treatment facilities
  17. all-electric transportation system
  18. cutting edge satellite communications systems
  19. an artificial island in the gulf, and much more

There are many so-called tax havens worldwide, some new, some quite old. The actual number of true tax havens is open to debate (some posit the number to be in the hundreds, and others to less than 50), but their existence both belies and underlines the increased attraction by the wealthy for tax-free havens outside the boundaries of major first-world countries. According to the most recent World Wealth Report from Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini the number of millionaires in the world has surpassed the 10 million mark. In 2007 there were 10.1 million individuals worldwide that held at least US$1 million in financial assets, an increase of 6% over 2006. Those with more than US$30 million grew even faster, achieving an impressive 8.8% growth rate.
The biggest regional increase in high net worth population gains occurred in emerging market, especially those in the Middle East and Latin America. However, North America continues to be the region with the largest number of millionaires in the world, accounting for a total of 3.3 million people. At the country level, India, China and Brazil achieved the highest population growth of High Net Worth Individuals, or HNWIs for short.

Here is the most recent break-down of the number of millionaires in different regions of the world:

  • North America – 3.3 million
  • Europe – 3.1 million
  • Asia-Pacific – 2.8 million
  • Latin America – 0.4 million
  • Middle East – 0.4 million
  • Africa – 0.1 million

It is forecasted that the total wealth of millionaires will grow at an annual rate of 7.7% per year, reaching a total of US$59.1 trillion by 2012. It is estimated that the Middle East and Latin America will continue to lead the world in terms of millionaire wealth growth, achieving double digit growth rates on average. Beyond question, there is a vast and growing market space for tax and financial free zones to meet the unique financial needs of the very wealthy. However, with the current global financial crisis and after the April 2009 G-20 declaration that the OECD will begin 'naming and shaming' countries that fail to comply with their standards, the goal being to clamp down on many so-called 'rogue' tax havens world wide, this creates the opportunity for precisely the type of entity that the Emerald Coast Project will offer: a tax haven unlike any other, and one that can operate outside of the traditional offshore banking circuits.

As yet, there are no real tax havens in Africa, and it is this continent that offers some unparalleled opportunities to this market sector. To meet the demands and exacting expectations of the affluent and upwardly mobile, the visionaries at GCN-C have brought together some of the most creative design and development minds from every continent in the world. GCN-C's mission is to design and provide a world class tax-free haven outside the boundaries of major first-world countries. Most Free Zones (Seoul Korea, JAFZA, DAFZA Dubai, Mumbai India, etc.) are designed for commerce via products sold and/or shipped from that Free Zone in a basic business environment. The Emerald Coast Financial and Tourist Free Zone is designed for millionaire clients: it will cater for all their business operations; banking; selling or buying of products tax and duty free; shipping and receiving of any product or service; and business support of every type for every business need. It is designed so that the client's entire business structure can be located within the Free Zone, with the facilities to permit doing business globally, and saving by using properly structured Trusts, IBCs, LLCs, and Foundations, to create an entirely legal tax-free status. It is unencumbered by host country regulations. The only rules that must be followed are those governing legal international transactions, and the general international rules of business law and contracts.

Here is a brief comparison of available features:

Lack of Evidence

Features Emerald Coast Other Tax Havens & Free Zones

Free Zone and Services Designed Only for Millionaires

Luxury Fractional Condos on the Ocean

Major Resorts for Maximum Comfort and Pleasure

World-class Restaurants with International Chefs

Private Banking and Public Banks

Underground Super-Secure Mountain Vaults

World-Class State of the Art Medical/Surgical Center

World-Class Golf Club & Course Next to Clients' Offices

VIP Airport Special Lounge without Country Customs

VIP Travel Directly to the Free Zone & Resort

State of the Art Full Wi-Fi Internet and Telephone

State of the Art Satellite Up Link & Down Link

Millionaire's Row (Multi-Million Dollar Homes Around Golf Course)

24 Hour Ultra-Security System Around the Entire Free Zone

Total Privacy 24/7

Free Zone Private Deluxe Drug and Rehab Millionaires Resorts

Marina for Yachts and Motor Launches

Ocean-Front Resorts

Dedicated International Head Offices Centers

Peninsula Resort Adjacent to Marina

Singles Resorts, Clubs, and Restaurants

Private Support Services Organizations for Clients

Totally Underground Utility Service System

Separate Trade Free Zone Supplied Exclusive Utilities

Tailored Free Zone Import/Export Entity Services

IEC Clearance Centers and Customs Inspectors

To prevent fraudulent activity, we have redacted the remaining Private & Confidential portions of the Executive Summary. Please contact us here for more information.