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Quarry Operations

The Emerald Coast site has a large minable quarry, with substantial deposits of raw aggregate, rock, black glass lava rock, granite and marble. In addition, gravel, sand and the raw materials for cement will be produced. A Professional Survey has estimated the total available rock volume to be approximately 154,500,000 metric tonnes. Some of the materials will be used for work in the Free Trade Zone development itself; however, there is a ready market with 5 major construction projects in the area that will generate a positive cash flow within an estimated 6 months of operations beginning. These five independent construction sites consist of a deep-water harbour, a shipyard, a cement plant, expansion of the existing oil refinery, and a new port. All have a requirement for mineral raw materials that the quarry can and will provide.

Physical requirements for the quarry are extensive, beginning with the gravel pit operations. Attached are budget estimates for the equipment and personnel required. The equipment requirements are large but in keeping with the standard requirements of a mining operation of this size and scope. The management and operation of the quarry will be in partnership with a large, experienced and established quarry operator. Their expertise will ensure that all operations will be conducted in a highly efficient manner.

Quarry operations will receive the bulk of the initial funding due to the material and labour intensive nature of such an initiative. The following covers most of the required facilities and infrastructure:

  • Hydroelectric generators: To establish and maintain a dedicated power source for the quarry, these will be fed by the 3 streams on the property and will require a building.
  • Container yard: For the housing of equipment and containers in a secure environment.
  • Black Glass Lava Rock Cutting Building: a 50’ x 100’ building for the processing of this desirable product, including finishing and cutting into ordered sizes and shapes.
  • Portable Cement Plant: For converting mined raw material into cement for use in the construction of buildings and other requirements, thereby reducing the costs of importation.
  • Storage warehouse: 50’ x 300’ in size and will initially house offices, supplies, equipment and finished product prior to shipping or usage.

Below you will find the Professional Survey for the projected quarry operations that was conducted in 2006.