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Photo Gallery

Click here to explore our photo collection of Cameroon and Emerald Coast.


Bonanza Estates

Click here to review a topographical map of the project site.


Project Phases

Emerald Coast is a multi-phase project. Click here to review the construction phases.

Welcome to the Emerald Coast!

The Emerald Coast Free Zone Development Project is a venture unlike any other in the world. Its purpose is to create a tax haven and free trade zone on the west coast of Cameroon, surrounded by a business and recreational facility that offers the finest amenities to Emerald Coast's exclusive clientele.

In addition to bringing unrivaled accommodations to its distinguished guests, the Emerald Coast Free Zone Development Project will immeasurably improve the standard of life in Cameroon. This development will create a huge financial influx to the country's economy, as well as create hundreds of permanent jobs, require the construction of roads, utilities, and other infrastructure, produce clean drinking water, provide schools and medical facilities, and much more.

This is truly a world-altering project, and this website provides you with a unique opportunity to learn about and observe its progression. Please take the time to explore the resources on this website, and visit often to learn about new developments as the Emerald Coast Project is constructed.

Where is the Emerald Coast? Click to find out!


Developer Blog

Building the Emerald Coast Free Zone Development Project is a long and complex endeavour. Follow its progress and leave your comments in this blog, which will include interviews with the project team, photos, and insights on the project's development.

Free Zones

Many countries have designated areas where companies are taxed lightly or not at all. Emerald Coast is a free zone like no other. Click here to learn why.

Change The World

The Emerald Coast Free Zone Development Project qualifies as an humanitarian project. It will mean new roads and infrastructure, new facilities, employment opportunities, and much more for Cameroon. If you are interested in investing in the Emerald Coast Project, contact us here.

In Memoriam
Recently, two key members of the Emerald Coast Project team have passed on. This project will continue in their memory. Click here for details.

The Emerald Coast Free Zone Project is located in Batoké, close to the port city of Limbe in the Republic of Cameroon. Click here to learn more about Cameroon.

Architectural Concepts
The Emerald Coast is a multi-zone development project. Click to review the architectural concept drawings.

Water Filtration and Bottling Plant
The Bonanza Estates site has three natural springs, sourced in the foothills of Mount Cameroon. Click here to explore the plans for water filtration and bottling in the Emerald Coast Project.

Quarry Operations
The Emerald Coast Free Zone Project site has a large minable quarry, with substantial deposits of raw aggregate, rock, black glass lava rock, granite and marble. Click here to survey the quarry plans.